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The Sports Hotel on Lake Garda

In Torbole on Lake Garda, by sports people for sports people

Hotel Caminetto is a stone’s throw away from the centre of Torbole, 200 metres from the beach and 500 metres from the first trail. Whether you wish to take part in sporting activites, relax on the beach or go out partying in the evening, you can forget your car for the whole holiday.

The season starts early and finishes late here on Lake Garda: we are open from 1 April to the first Sunday in November. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and the contours of the lake surrounded by mountains, the temperatures are ideal for sports from early spring to late autumn. Even in summer it is comfortable, thanks to the Ora and the Pelèr the two thermal winds of Lake Garda, which ensure a temperate climate that is never too hot or stifling.

Whether your sport is on water or land, in Torbole you will have plenty of time for your sport, to try a new one or to take excursions with local guides without necessarily having to learn something new.

You can leave early in the morning to go into the mountains, have lunch in a shelter, enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and come down in the afternoon for a swim in the lake or to go windsurfing or sailing.

And when you have had enough sport you can relax on the beach, look at the shops, have an aperitif, followed by dinner and a cocktail in one of the local bars.

We are a sporting family and we welcome you to the capital of outdoor sports.

Windsurf Torbole Hotel Caminetto Lago di GardaBarca a vela a Torbole Hotel CaminettoMountain Bike Hotel CaminettoTrekking Lago di Garda
Windsurf Torbole Hotel Caminetto Lago di Garda

Close to windsurfing schools

regata di windsurf a Torbole sul Garda

The reason for the success of windsurfing at Torbole is the Ora, the southerly wind that in good weather blows constantly from late morning to the evening.

In Torbole you will often come across windsurfing legends who come here to train or compete.

In fact it was in Torbole in the nineties that freestyle was the thing, and all the windsurfers of the time like Klaus Maran chose to say at Hotel Caminetto, very close to the Torbole Surf School.

In fact for surfers the best time to go on the water is the morning, with the Pelèr, the northerly wind that gradually increases then moves towards the south. The Pelèr guarantees very few waves and the right strength to learn to use the sail easily.

We are less than 200 metres from the club, and from the Segnana and Vasco Renna windsurf schools.

Just ask at Reception if you wish to book a windsurfing course or rent equipment; if however you come with your own we have a supervised storage area for it.

Barca a vela a Torbole Hotel Caminetto

To go sailing surrounded by the mountains of Lake Garda

regata melges a Torbole sul Garda

In one year on Lake Garda there will be 300 days of wind, and apart from its consistency even the logistics are perfect. In little more than five minutes you are in the wind and you can take advantage of all the time available to train and have fun. There are many other places in the world that are perfect for sailing, but few, believe me, that have the wind just a few metres from the beach.

The sailing season on Lake Garda starts in March and thanks to the Fraglia Vela di Riva, of Malcesine and the Circolo Vela Torbole there is a full schedule of regattas that you will not find in any other place in the world.

To go sailing surrounded by the mountains of Lake Garda is very special and I am sure you will fall in love with it. This is what happened to me when still a child I was signed up to my first sailing course.

Hotel Caminetto is less then one kilometre from Torbole Sailing School and the Segnana sailing school. Just ask at Reception if you want to book a sailing or catamaran course or if you want to hire a boat. I have stood on the podium of the Star World Championships in Malcesine, Lake Garda and I am available for advice or suggestions.

Mountain Bike Hotel Caminetto

In Torbole we speak the language of cyclists

bikers in discesa a Torbole sul Garda

It does not matter if you have a racing bike, a mountain bike or an e-mtb; Lake Garda and its mountains are here for you to discover on two wheels.

In Torbole there are endless trails suitable for everyone and any type of bikes.

From the edge of the lake to the highest summits of the mountains, there are routes on asphalt roads, on easy mule dirt tracks and along the more challenging mountain paths on mixed surfaces with loose stones.

In Torbole we speak the language of cyclists. As well as the well-signposted trails maintained by local associations, and the refuges for resting points, here you will also find shops specializing in modern equipment, the hiring of mountain bikes and guides who can help you discover our splendid territory. The events are also important. The European season of mountain biking actually opens on Lake Garda with the Bike Festival, which since 1993 has brought more than 40,000 fans of the sport here.

We are close to all the hire shops and the meeting point of the bike shuttle and obviously you can leave the hotel already on your bike.

We are here for you should you need any suggestions of routes, if you wish to hire a bike or book a guided tour.

Trekking Lago di Garda


trekking al tramonto al lago di garda

Walking is good for you. It is good for the body and even better for the spirit. I could not tell you how many kilometres of paths there are on my mountains, but can only say they are all there to discover.

You start from the level of the lake and easily rise to over 2000 metres, always accompanied by magnificent unforgettable panoramas.

From Malcesine there is a cable-car which in 15 minutes takes you to 1780 metres up Monte Baldo, from where many routes begin, several of which are also very challenging.

Do ask us if you need suggestions, prefer to go with a local guide or you want to try somewhere off the beaten track.

panorama dell'Alto Garda


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